Private mediumistic sitting

When alread departed souls communicate with us  from the spirit world, we are given clarity and love. Messages, that the deceased comunicate through me, help us to get closure, to let go and to have faith, that we have not lost these souls. They have only gone ahead. But they will always stay with us.

People who leave us and are waiting for us in the spirit world, often want to tell us something. They are happy when they can assist us in the understanding that they are still with us.

In a private mediumistic sitting, I can neither guarantee nor force a contact with a soul from the spirit world. But when it happens, it is a very touching and guiding experience that can bring us peace and answers.

As a Medium, I am happy when I can enable a contact between two souls, one on earth, the other in the spirit world.

Which soul comes to bring a message during a mediumistic sitting and which message she or he wants to bring, is decided by her or his own free will. It can happen that none or more than one soul comes during a sitting or that several messages are communicated. 

Important information


Zentrumsweg 15, 6043 Adligenswil or by phone or other virtual channels

Private appointment: CHF 150.00
Duration: 45 minutes
Payment: cash/Twint

Advice and booking by email, telephone or through the contact form