Personal coaching

During a coaching session, I go into depth and get a clear overview of your life. With powerful energy, I help you in finding answers to your questions. I sense your inner being and, at the same time, connect with the spirit world for guidance, clarity and recommendations for your situation. 

I support you in:

  • getting orientation and clarity (in personal and/or professional matters)
  • letting go of obsolete thinking and behavioral patterns
  • recognizing problems and solving them
  • to look at situations from different angles and on different levels (as a basis for change)
  • finding solutions, making decisions and visualizing change.

Life is an exciting, but sometimes challenging process filled with experiences that make it worth living. However, sometimes we need to pause and look around us, rediscover ourselves, and find out what we really want and where we want to go. To enjoy what we were given and to endure the challenges we are presented with is part of it.

Within our subconscious lies the key to happiness. Our own thoughts decide between success and defeat. Those who are able to positively influence their subconscious are able to transform weakness into strength and handle challenges with confidence.

Together we venture to the bottom of obsolete patterns, decide where you stand at the moment, and make actionable plans for your next steps.

Important information


Zentrumsweg 15, 6043 Adligenswil or by phone or other virtual channels

Private appointment: CHF 150.00
Duration: 45 minutes
Payment: cash/Twint

Advice and booking by email, telephone or through the contact form