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Medium Switzerland

Nadine Hirschi

Already as a child, I found my connection with the spirit world. The seeds for my work as a Medium were planted in my childhood. Growing to be a big strong tree has been a process leading up to the present day. The harvesting time has started and with happiness, I share the fruit of this wonderful and important work as a communicator between the two worlds. 

In my spiritual work I see myself as a guide, an empathetic woman, someone who thinks outside the box, and a transmitter and supporter; I am happy to accompany others in their challenges. With an open, kind heart, I offer myself as a channel to the spirit world.

I am campaigning for sustainable growth, strong roots and blossoming branches reaching far into the sky. 

By these principles, I live my life as a housewife, mother, healer, spiritual companion, designer, woman, friend and human being. 

I am. 

About my person

I am 42 years old
I am a wife with husband, 2 children and a cat
I am German and English speaking


2018 Casa de Dom Inacio, Brasil

Education and courses

2019-2021 Medial education MAS
2018 Homoeopathy seminar
2018 Misc. medial seminars
2017 Fostac pendulum seminar
2017 Medial education (Spirit Consulting / Tili Renner-Jakob)
2014 Reiki seminar 1 (Reiki-International Luzern)
2005/06 Art school, Bern/Biel
1997-2000 Commercial aprenticeship