Personal coaching

We are often blind in our day-to-day lives and don’t perceive where we stand and where we could develop. I support you in understanding your problem and find a solution for it. Be it in a personal and/or a professional context. 

Mediumistic Sitting

Messages from the spirit world and communication with people who have left us can change our lives. As a Medium, I am grateful to provide these souls a means of communication.

Energetic healing

If our energy source is out of balance, things will go haywire. I help you to restore balance, to release blockages, to activate your own healing powers, to master mental challenges and to ease anxieties. 

My offer

Everyone knows the situation: You go through your week with a speed of 120 km/h, the weekends have been booked far in advance, at the office your workload is crazy, your children are constantly trying to test your limits, and anywhere you look there are tasks and pending matters. Your heart is in yesterday, your body is in today, and your mind is already in tomorrow. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often cease to feel ourselves and intuitive action becomes more and more difficult. Leading an active and exciting life is great, except the constant need for our presence and the enormous speed with which we are moving forward. We are reachable at every moment and always ready for what is to come. We try to make everything right for everyone. We want to be the perfect parent, partner, employee, neighbour… We have learned to achieve things with determination and pressure and rush without pause from one point to another.

Stop. The time has come to change directions. 

Whether through a personal mediumistic sitting, a clarifying coaching, an energetic exchange, a relaxing meditation or a combination of different elements, I support you to take from the plenty and let the flow of your life pass freely.

When we unfold our potential, we fulfill our grandeur.