Energy Work

Releases physical and mental blockages

Energy Work can do so much: It can heal physical illnesses, decrease psychological and emotional challenges and cure mental anxieties such as lack of concentration, ADHS etc. 

With Energy Work, I offer myself as a channel to the spirit world. The hands-on healing will open up the flow of life energy, which has been blocked and bring powerful healing. Symptoms will ease when the person is ready for a holistic healing. 

Energy Work means working with light. Everything exists through light. Light swings in different frequencies. If we experience negative behavior, heavy burdens, stress, tension, radiation hazards, electrosmog, PC/wireless and so on, our energy field will suffer. We can’t always avoid such circumstances, as we are confronted with this daily: at school, work or with family.

This low vibrating energy robs us of our life energy and we become joyless, drained, tired, strengthless and sick. Often, the energy absorption of our day-to-day life obligations is enormous. It can be hard for us to keep up our passion for life.

As soon as we feel that a relaxing weekend is already needed at the beginning of the week, we should take such signs from our internal alarm system seriously.

Important information

Location: Zentrumsweg 15, 6043 Adligenswil

Private appointment (adult): CHF 120.00
Duration: 60 minutes

Private appointment (children): CHF 50.00
Duration: 30 minutes

Animal communication:  Duration and expense on demand. A remote treatment is possible.

Advice and booking by email, telephone or through the contact form

My work doesn’t replace a doctor’s appointment, it can just support you additionally.