Our days are demanding and busy. We often can’t simply switch the on/off button in the evening when we wish to rest. We often have the determination to stay on track, not realising how this affects our happines in the long run.

It is our own choice if we want to fall into bed exhausted every night, hoping to regenerate during our sleep or if we want to change this through a conscious contribution.

if you want to allow yourself break in your day to day life, take a moment to calm down and simultaniously expand your spiritual heart, strengthen your inner light, break through destructive  patterns, experience the magic of accepting and letting go, then I am looking forward to welcoming you in my meditation.

I also offer meditation for children, as they are often already challenged with overstimulation and pressure to performe. A child-orientated meditation will bring them back into balance and give them new energie and strength.

Important information

Due to the current Corona-situation, meditation is done via Zoom. 

Meditations take place in small groups either in a sitting or standing position.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price per Zoom-session: CHF 12.00
Tryout sessions are free of charge.

Meditation sessions in German
Time: from 19:45 – 20:45
Dates: on request

Meditation sessions in English: on demand, please contact me.

Advice and booking by email, telephone or through the contact form